My Manifesto.

Who I am, as a person, an artist and a creator of photographic images:

  • I love to witness when people do something that they enjoy; they love; they are passionate about; they believe in; makes them feel that they contribute; they excel at; they do with other people they love or share a passion with; that scares them a little; that puts them in the zone; that expresses their creativity...
  • My Brand is Cool Stuff People Do.
  • My clients are people who want record of Cool Stuff they Do and who hold values that are not in contravention with mine: Family, love, care for others and our environment. 

I value my time and my talent..

  • I align my pricing with the value I provide.

I show up with all that I am.

  • I want to create photographs that will cause people to pause and contemplate the image. Greatest achievement is when I produce an image that stops someone in their tracks to express delight or awe. I seek the beauty and awe in what I witness.
  • I do my best to understand and familiarize myself with the activity I am witnessing to understand and recognize moments of excellence, awe, risk, technical mastery, wonder.... 

I know my gear inside and out.

  • I find the technology that underpins modern image recording engaging and exciting and I have an understanding and appreciation for how to exploit the technology to produce images to my creative intent.

My intent when I shoot is to:

  • Witness and record what my client does in a creative, evocative and beautiful way. I will only direct in a way that will enhance the image and not change what they do or how they present what they do.
  • Reflect my clients emotional connection or technical mastery with the activity they are engaged in.
  • Make my client feel comfortable with me and what I ask them to do.
  • Ensure my client is safe and does not assume undue risk or compromise their safety for the purpose of a shot. My client assumes the risks that are inherent in the activity I am there to record.
  • Never cause harm nor to engage in unlawful or illegal activity.

I adapt to:

  • The nature of the activity.
  • Changes in environment.

I collaborate with:

  • Activity and location providers.
  • Stylists, other professionals.

I exceed expectation:

  • I sell experience and emotion.
  • I believe in the power of imagery to change the world.